RELNY vs. AceableAgent - Which is Better? What to Consider

A detailed comparison of RELNY and AceableAgent real estate licensing schools

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Pros & Cons

Let's compare RELNY and AceableAgent. We explore the Pros & Cons of each school, we examine their pre-licensing education, the qualifications and expertise of their instructors, the quality of their courseware software for learning, if their instructors author the courses, if they offer live Office Hours with the course instructor, availability of 1:1 private tutoring, and if they offer job placement services post-licensing.

RELNY vs. AceableAgent Pros & Cons, Basics, Tech, Price, Critical Analysis

The Basics

Review basic facts about AceableAgent.

Is AceableAgent authorized by the NYS Department of State?

Yes, they are an authorized Real Estate Pre-Licensing school.

Does AceableAgent offer the Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing course?

AceableAgent offers the 77 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing course in English.

Does AceableAgent offer Continuing Education?

Yes, they have a Continuing Education course available in English.

How can students take the course with AceableAgent?

Courses are given online via their courseware software.

The Tech

An analysis of the courseware software for students at AceableAgent.

Which platform powers the AceableAgent website and course software?

Based on analysis of the technologies used within the AceableAgent web site and application, it appears that AceableAgent runs a JavaScript based web application built with AngularJS, Express and GraphQL, running atop AWS, AWS S3 for object storage, Stripe for payments, Mandrill and SendGrid for email, and Zendesk for support tickets.

The Price

AceableAgent's pricing for the Real Estate Pre-Licensing online course is in the low to mid $$$ range, offering 3 packages as options available to students, making their pricing comparable to costly when compared with other schools in the real estate education space, without factoring any discounts that may be available.

Critical Analysis

We've analyzed AceableAgent and present these critical questions and considerations about their online school offering specifically focused on the Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing course and Continuing Education courses.

Does AceableAgent offer the Salesperson Pre-Licensing course final exam, video, and complete course transcripts in languages other than English?

No, the AceableAgent course is only offered in English. However, the Department of State does offer the Salesperson Exam in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Korean.

Is AceableAgent's Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensing course curriculum authored by the same person as the course Instructor?

No, not that we're aware of. The Instructor for the course does not write the curriculum or the course materials used in the course. They offer something called a Virtual Instructor, which is not a human being.

Does AceableAgent offer Math Mastery videos as part of their course?

No. This can mean the difference for students between pass and fail.

Does AceableAgent's courseware include an Exam Readiness Meter to help measure preparedness for the state exam?

No, not that we're aware of.

Does AceableAgent's courseware have a Dark Mode theme to for easy on the eyes viewing and to conserve battery energy on the student's device?

No, not that we're aware of.

Is AceableAgent's course textbook authored by the same person who is the Instructor for the course?

No, it appears that they do not offer a printed textbook as part of their online course.

Does AceableAgent offer Job Placement Services for graduates of their course?

No, they have a Career Center section of their website that contains several guides for how to get a job after obtaining your license.

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At RELNY, we understand that embarking on a career in real estate is a significant step, and choosing the right educational path is crucial. As the premier New York real estate school, we are dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality education and support. This FAQ page is designed to address some of the most common questions prospective and current students have about our courses and exam prep.

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